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Corsizio enables you to securely manage all registrations, payments, attendees, feedback, and much more for all of your physical and virtual events, classes, courses, and workshops.

Free Usage

All core features
Low volume up to 50 new registrations per month
Every new account starts here
Start with free low-volume usage, then enable billing when your volume grows.

Pay-per-use Billing

How usage billing works
All core features
Unlimited registrations
No charge for low-volume usage
We exempt your bill when your total usage is under 50 new registrations for the month.
$0.10 per new registration
Billed in the currency relative to the payment card used and its origin.
View cost table for different currencies and countries

Accept Online Payments

View fees & currencies
$1 flat fee per online payment processed
Online payments are also subject to Stripe's current card processing fees per transaction.
View fees for supported currencies and countries
Fees are deducted directly from the amount by payment processor
We do not bill you for this and no payment card is needed
When you accept online payments, we will facilitate the payment processing via Stripe to your bank account, and the nominal service fee is deducted during each online payment transaction automatically. You will not be billed for these fees separately.Stripe Verified Partner
Experience CorsizioPay-per-use and free for low-volume usage

Summary of Key Features

Some of the key features we know you'll love about Corsizio.

Simple and beautiful registration forms with custom fields as a single-step flow.
Online card payments are directly deposited into your bank account using Stripe.
Easily enable waiting list, collect feedback, and grant completion certificates.
Full security with 256-bit SSL encryption on all pages, data, and payment processing.
Optimized for all modern devices — desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
Set early-bird pricing, offer discounts, issue refunds, and collect taxes.
Auto-generated events public portal and registration pages with a co-branded web address.
Attendees can use your events public portal page to lookup listings by many filters.
Embed buttons and other registration widgets on any existing website.
Single or multi-user access along with managing multiple instructors.
Notifications are sent to attendees and instructors to keep them informed.
Manage attendees, track with activity notes, and export registration data.
Brand each listing with a custom cover photo and an overlay video.
Reports and stats related to registrations, attendees, and payments.
Integrate with Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Zapier for 3,000+ apps.

Corsizio efficiently powers the core of your teaching, training, and other event-based business.

Quick Answers

Here are a few things you may want to know.
Read all FAQs or visit our Help Site.

 Do you offer a free trial period?

Yes, every account starts with free usage and will only need to enable billing when it expects to go beyond the low-volume usage limit of up to 50 registrations per month. This essentially gives you an indefinite free trial period. Whether you enable billing or not, you can use Corsizio anytime for free, as long as your total registrations stay within the low-volume usage limit in any given month. Otherwise, for high-volume usage, all of the new registrations within that given month are subject to the pay-per-use cost.

Please refer to the Usage Billing help doc.

 Can I get a demo of the platform?

Corsizio is focused on online registrations and payments for physical and virtual group events, classes, courses, and workshops. It operates as a self-serve platform with no traditional software demos, installations, or training. We provide all of our users with:

  • Sample data in each new account, which you can experiment with and experience the platform and its functionality
  • An extensive help docs library, which includes screenshots to provide you with previews of the interface
  • Email support

If you need an efficient solution to accept and manage online registrations and payments for group classes, and in a very cost effective way, then try out Corsizio and use the sample data within the account to see if the platform is a good fit for you. You can create events and test out the registration process to evaluate the service fully. It is easy to create an event, link to its public details page or embed its details card on your website, accept registrations and payments with automated email confirmation receipts, and view and manage all attendee registrations in one place.

It is free to create an account and explore all of its features. Everyone gets access to all the features on the platform, and low-volume usage is always free. We provide you with full ability to delete your account entirely at anytime too. There are no monthly pricing plans to subscribe to or any commitments or obligations.

Below are some helpful initial resources to see if Corsizio is a good fit for your needs:

 How does enabled billing work?

Any registrations you process on Corsizio are all subject to $0.10 (ten cents) per registration. You need to enable billing by putting a payment card on file in order to receive registrations beyond the low-volume limit. Your payment card will automatically be charged at the end of the billing month's cycle for all registrations processed in that given month. If the total of new registrations for a given month was under 50, meaning low-volume usage, we will waive the charge for that month.

For example:

  • If you receive 43 new registrations in January, you do not get billed for any registrations at the end of that month.
  • If you receive 71 new registrations in February, you get billed $7.10 for your registrations at the end of that month.

The billing cost and currency is based on the payment card's associated country or region: USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, SGD, or MXN. The default billing currency is USD for all other countries or regions.

Learn more about how usage billing works.

 What does it cost to accept online payments?

All online card payments are subject to card processing fees. When you accept online payments, we will facilitate the payment processing via Stripe (the payment processor) directly to your bank account, and these fees are deducted during each online payment transaction automatically. Corsizio charges a low and competitive flat $1 service fee for any new online payment transactions processed, and Stripe charges standard fees that vary by country (see below). You will not be billed for any portion of these fees separately.

Stripe is a leading online payment processing service, which currently charges an industry standard transaction fee of 2.9% + 30¢ for US and Canada, 1.4% + €0.25 for Europe, 1.4% + 20p for UK, 1.75% + 30¢ for Australia, and 3.4% + $0.50 for Singapore. See Stripe's fees for other countries and view our list of accepted currencies for online payments.

Collecting online payments from your attendees allows you to conveniently receive your net funds, which get deposited directly into your bank account by Stripe. If you would like to minimize the costs associated with online payment processing fees, you can use the deposit feature to collect only a small amount from your customers online, to secure a commitment, and collect the remaining amount in your preferred offline method. For more tips, read our help article How to save on online payment service fees.

Stripe Verified Partner

 Can I pass on the registration or online payment fees to my attendees?

Yes, there are two main ways that you can pass any of the registration or payment fees to your attendees. The most obvious way is to increase the cost of your event price by your expected fee expense. You can see how to calculate your fees in our help article How to save on online payment service fees. Many attendees get put off by the idea of having to pay event registration fees and this allows you to bundle the cost as part of the event and minimize the risk of losing a registration. If you are okay with having your attendees see the fees separately, you can use the event price add-on feature and make it a mandatory part of their registration.

 Are there any limits on the number of attendees or events I can have?

Event limits: You can create as many events as you would like on Corsizio, for which you can accept registrations. Events can be up to 365 days (1 year) in duration. We do encourage you to be mindful of the amount of data that you have in your account and delete any old events with their data when they are no longer needed.

Registration limits: A single event can accept a maximum of 1000 registrations at most, regardless of each registration's status in the system. In addition, please refer to the Usage Billing help doc to understand how the low-volume free usage and pay-per-use for higher volume registration pricing works.

 How will I receive my funds when accepting online payments?

Corsizio partners with and uses Stripe, a leading online payment processing service, to facilitate all online card payment transactions. We know that your resources are valuable and having quick access to your money is a top priority. Therefore, unlike many other services, which may hold the funds until after the event has ended, Stripe will deposit your funds into your bank account on a 2 to 7-day rolling basis depending on your country. See Stripe’s document about receiving payouts and view our list of accepted currencies for online payments.

Stripe Verified Partner

 What if my events are free, for charity, or not-for-profit?

You are welcome to use Corsizio for any such event needs and will not incur any charges for your registrations if you have low-volume usage, as per our pricing. We aim to provide everyone equally with an ultra-low, highly discounted, pay-per-use, and cost-effective model for higher volume needs, while offering full access to all of our features, support, security, data storage, and service value. Therefore, cost is dependent on volume of usage and not on the event price or purpose.

Used in over 20 countries by thousands of happy customers.

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