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Who is Corsizio for?

Corsizio was built to facilitate online registrations, payments, and feedback for any live teaching event, like in-person or online classes, courses, workshops, camps, lessons, or any similar events. Below are examples of individuals and businesses that would benefit from using Corsizio:

  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) camps and schools
  • Tech and software professionals providing seminars and conferences
  • Art teachers or studios providing classes and workshops
  • Language teachers providing lessons and courses
  • Teacher training institutes providing programs and retreats
  • Holistic teachers or retreat centers providing presentations and events
  • Wellness teachers or fitness instructors providing classes and sessions
  • Yoga teachers providing independent classes and workshops
  • Dance teachers or studios providing lessons and programs
  • Music teachers providing classes and courses
  • Chefs and nutritionists providing cooking demos and food classes
  • Gardening and permaculture experts providing workshops and programs
  • Outdoor activity organizers providing trainings and excursions
  • Any educator that needs online registration, payment, attendee management, and feedback for their events

How do I get my attendees to register using Corsizio?

As an instructor or event manager, you simply need to create an account with Corsizio and create your event registration page. You can then share the registration link or embed registration cards on your site, social media or anywhere else you like. Within minutes, you can start accepting online registrations and payments (if applicable) from your attendees. No credit card or monthly commitment required.

Do my attendees need to create an account with Corsizio?

No. Your attendees or students do not need to create an account with Corsizio to register for your events. When you create an event (class, course, workshop, etc.) and have them register, the student is solely registering for that single event, and not to Corsizio or its services as a whole. This provides attendees with an easy, seamless, and convenient registration experience.

Do you offer a trial period?

Corsizio is free to use, so there is no trial period needed. You can try and use Corsizio anytime you like for all online registrations, and there is no credit card required and no contract or commitment on your part.

Can I offer free classes and events?

Absolutely! You can offer free online registration for any free events using Corsizio with no cost whatsoever to you or your attendees.

What does it cost to accept online payments?

Corsizio is free to use for all online registrations and gives you access to all its features. This applies to all free and paid classes, and classes with offline payments. Corsizio has a $1 service fee for any online payment transactions, which is accounted for during the registration process. View our current list of accepted currencies.

Online payments get processed using Stripe (a leading online credit card processing service) which currently charges an industry standard transaction fee of 2.9% + 30¢ for US and Canada, 1.4% + 25¢ for Europe, and 1.75% + 30¢ for Australia – see Stripe’s fee for other countries. Stripe charges this fee during the online payment transaction, which means that you conveniently receive your net funds deposited directly into your bank account, and don’t have to pay anything directly yourself. If you would like to minimize the costs associated with credit card processing fees, you can use Corsizio’s deposit feature to only collect a small amount from your customer online to secure a commitment, and collect the remainder of the ticket price in your preferred offline method.

How will I receive my funds for online payments?

Corsizio uses Stripe (a leading online credit card processing service) to facilitate all online credit card payment processing. We know that your resources are valuable and having quick access to your money is a top priority. Therefore unlike many other services, which may hold the funds until after the event has ended, Stripe will deposit your funds into your bank account on a 2 to 7-day rolling basis depending on supported country. View our current list of accepted currencies.

Why do you use Stripe as the online payment processor?

Stripe provides full compliance with the strictest PCI Level 1 certification, along with competitive industry standard transaction fees, with no hidden fees. Credit card data does not cross our servers, nor does it get stored on them for PCI compliance and security. Stripe currently supports businesses in many countries around the world. See the full list of supported countries for more information. You can instantly accept payments from around the world by having a bank account within any of the supported countries. We make it easy to integrate and get started in a single step from within Corsizio.

Can I offer my students discounts or coupon codes?

Yes. You can create discount or promotion codes that can be distributed to your potential attendees or students during your marketing efforts (ex: on social networks, in flyers, etc.) to drive more registrations to your classes and events. Coupons can either apply a dollar amount or a percentage off the price. You may even limit the number of coupon redemptions and/or add an expiry date. You may also enable and configure volume / bulk discounts for your event to ecnourage multiple registrations.

Can I create multiple price categories for a class or event?

Yes. Corsizio supports the configuration of multiple price categories for a class or an event. So if you require child, student, adult and/or senior (or other) categories, you would simply configure that during the creation of your event registration page. View our current list of accepted currencies.

Can I have other teachers or team members manage data in my account?

Yes. You can have unlimited users invited to the account. Users added can be given one of the following roles: admin, editor, facilitator, or viewer.

Are there any limits on the amount of attendees or events I can have?

No. You can accept as many registrations as you need and create as many events as you like. Our free online registration approach and full range of features is always applicable whether you are doing one or many, small or large events. You only have to factor in credit card processing fees and the Corsizio $1 service fee per transaction, if you are accepting online payments.

Can I issue refunds using Corsizio?

Yes. You can quickly and easily issue a partial or full refund to an attendee, with no additional fees to you or them; and any Corsizio $1 transaction fee will be refunded as well, but not the Stripe fees (see update below).

Stripe fees update: As of September 14, 2017, Stripe has changed their policy when a refund is issued for any new customers that signed up to a Stripe account after that date. They no longer refund the original Stripe processing fees on the refunded transaction.

Can I integrate Corsizio with my website?

Yes. Corsizio allows users to embed various sized widgets and links quickly and easily on their website, or any other website including social networks. These widgets allow potential attendees to conveniently and securely register and pay for your classes, courses, workshops, or any other similar events.

Can Corsizio provide me with a web presence?

Yes. Each account will have its own aggregate portal website that lists all of your events and makes them available online under a unique web address. Students and potential attendees will be able to filter using categories, location, price, and other filters that you set up, to find what they are looking for. This portal website will be public and searchable on major search engines. It is generated with SEO and mobile friendly technology.

How is Corsizio different from other event registration and payment methods?

At Corsizio we believe that everyone should have access to free online registrations today for maximum ease and convenience. Therefore we have made Corsizio freely accessible to all teachers and event organizers to have a simple, quick, clean and professional service that combines online registrations, payments, feedback, attendee management, and more. Below is a way to understand how it differs from the three other main methods of accepting registrations and payments.

In-Person Registrations and Payments

In-person connections are very beneficial and offer a type of value that virtual interactions cannot. This is one of the reasons why Corsizio's main focus is to support in-person, offline teaching events. However, in-person administration to register participants and process their payments can be timely and create unnecessary work for you. Additionally, in-person registration is not always convenient for attendees and most people today prefer electronic payment over cash or cheques. This is why Corsizio chose to provide an online registration and payment platform so that you can focus on doing what you love by creating and delivering content to educate, enlighten, and empower others, while Corsizio takes care of the administration side of your educational events. This saves you and your attendees time and offers outstanding organization, convenience and efficiency.

Online Registrations and In-Person Payments

Some businesses try to use various services to offer online forms to accept registrations, and then have to deal with separate, in-person payments. While this may work for some, Corsizio wants to help you make your teaching business run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This means both registrations and payments are in one place, and online, which is the easiest way for most people today to access information, perform sign-ups, and integrate payments. Plus, with Corsizio you can manage your registration data, events and attendees, and easily communicate with them.

Other Online Registration and Payment Services

While several other similar services like Corsizio exist, there are a few key areas, which differentiate Corsizio from them.

  • Corsizio uses leading-edge technology and provides a modern, attractive, easy to use service and user interface. It is an ultra quick and responsive service, which also uses real-time technology for instant updates when new registrations or payments come in. Some similar services have been around for many years and in turn use outdated technology, and/or have a cumbersome user interface, and/or are simply complicated to use and require timely technical support.

  • Corsizio offers leading-edge competitiveness in its pricing model, by providing truly free online registrations with no contracts, commitments or credit cards required.

  • Corsizio caters to smaller businesses and individuals. This means we provide a superior, professional and streamlined product with features applicable to these groups specifically. This means we focus on the features that would be most valuable for you, without creating a inefficient, bulky, or complicated experience.

  • Corsizio's focus is to offer the best experience for both the teacher and the student. For the teacher, this means having a clear, quick, and easy way to create event registrations, manage attendees, payments, feedback, integrate with personal websites, and more. For the student, this means a clear, quick, and easy way to register to your educational event. Unlike other services, Corsizio does not require students to create accounts or register with the service itself. This saves your participant time and reduces any obstacles that may inhibit them from registering to your event.

  • Finally, Corsizio does not require you to have a traditional business merchant account with a bank. It uses Stripe to enable you to accept payments directly into any personal or business account. Also, unlike other services, Corsizio does not hold your money in an escrow account, or until the event is over. You receive your funds daily, on a 2 to 7-day rolling basis depending on supported country.

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What if I have other questions or need help getting started?

We are here to support you as you share your skills and talents with the world. You can contact us any time at with your questions, ideas and feedback, or to request any kind of help with Corsizio. Our support hours are from 8am to 8pm ET.

Please visit our help documentation site for more details and to learn how to use many for the features within Corsizio.

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