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From creating and managing your events, classes, courses, and workshops, to accepting online registrations and collecting payments, Corsizio can get you there in minutes.

Optimized Online Registrations

Simple, beautiful, and secure registration forms.
Collect additional details using custom registration form fields.
Easy single-step registration flow for attendees with no signups or logins required in order to register.
Private and passwordless self-serve page for each attendee to view and manage their own registrations.
Turn on the waiting list feature when you have limited spots and the event is full.
Customizable event pages with brand logo, cover photo, and an overlay video.
Real-time updates of new registrations as they are received.
Send event and attendee data to any of the 3,000+ apps and services on Zapier, like Google Calendar, Trello, Salesforce, and many others.
Integrate with Google Analytics to further track page-views to all event pages and forms.

Efficient Online Payments

Attendees get a quick, convenient, and secure online card payment option.
Online payments are deposited directly into your bank account using our integration with Stripe.

Multiple Pricing Capabilities

Offer early-bird pricing before a given date.
Offer coupons and discount codes for promotional or internal use.
Offer volume / bulk discounts to encourage multiple registrations to an event.
Create multiple pricing categories with independent price and early-bird settings (i.e. child/adult/senior or member/non-member or one-day/full weekend, etc.)
Collect online deposit-only payments to secure spots or lower card payment processing fees.
Collect offline payments with clear instructions on registration forms.
Collect taxes with custom rate as needed.
Include optional or required add-ons during registration (i.e. books, meals, etc.)

Attendee Management

Manage attendee registrations and update registration details.
Manually register an attendee and process their payment.
Collect cash, check or card payments from an attendee on premise.
Apply multiple additional card payments or offline payments for an attendee.
Issue partial or full refunds.
Move a person from a waiting list to a standard attendee and vise-versa.
Transfer an attendee to another event and maintain all payment details.
Track attendance using a simple and dedicated toggle within the system.
Check-in attendees at the door using QR code scanning or self check-in.
View activity logs and add private notes related to each attendee.
Grant a Certificate of Completion to each attendee and directly send by email and/or download as PDF.
Resend email receipts and requests for pending payments.
Request and view feedback ratings and comments from attendees.
Allow attendees to view, cancel, or reinstate their own registrations from a private self-serve page.
Export attendee registration data and reports.
Communicate with attendees about a particular event by sending email memos from the app.
Integrate with MailChimp to automatically subscribe attendees to a mailing list on registration.
Send attendee registrations and data to other CRM platforms, calendar apps, and accounting services, using our integration with the 3,000+ apps and services listed on Zapier.

Leading-Edge Technology & Security

Optimized for all modern devices — desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
Full security with 256-bit SSL encryption on all data in transit and at rest, including online payment processing.
PCI and GDPR compliant for the highest protection of personal data, and to conform to the latest privacy regulations.

Online Access & Presence

Enable an auto-generated events public portal page with a co-branded web address.
Enable private self-serve pages to allow attendees to view and manage their own registrations.
Add your brand logo to emails, event public pages, events public portal page, and attendee self-serve pages.
Attendees can use your events public portal page to lookup listings by filters you configure.
Configure the account or a specific event to use English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Dutch as the language to translate all labels visible to your customer on event pages and on all attendee emails.
Promote your event pages and forms on social media via integrated sharing icons and links.
Share links and embed buttons and other registration widgets on any existing website or social media.

Event Management

Collect online and on-site manual registrations and payments.
Limit the number of spots you have available and optionally allow registrations to a waiting list.
Restrict who can register to your event using email domains or passcodes.
Clone an event as a single copy or bulk clones for recurring use or batch creation.
Broadcast a memo about the event to select or all attendees within that event.
Use links and embed codes of buttons and widgets generated for each event to share anywhere online.
View reports and stats related to event attendees, revenue breakdown, and feedback rating.

Instructor Management

Add and manage additional instructor profiles.
Include a bio and photo for each instructor profile to show on event pages online.
Associate one or more instructors to an event.
Use chosen instructor email address in the notification settings of each event.

Account Management

Create multiple accounts for different businesses under the same user login.
Invite other users to access and manage your account (i.e. staff, instructors, organizers, etc.)
Associate users and events with target divisions to have them only see and access a subset of the data within the account.
Customize account terminology as most applicable for your educational business.
Customize filtration categories, age groups, price ranges, and levels/grades to classify your events under.
Customize and preview the Certificate of Completion auto-generation with custom labels and logo branding.
Configure the tax rate to collect, currency to use, and the bank account to deposit online payments to.

Feedback Collection

Easily collect feedback from attendees about instructors and classes.
View, analyze, and export feedback reports.

Automated Email Notifications

Beautifully formatted payment and refund confirmation receipts are sent to attendees upon registration in real-time.
Inform instructors or other account users of new registrations in real-time.
Send reminders to attendees about their upcoming event before the start date.
Send requests asking attendees to provide feedback rating and comments right after the event ends or manually triggered.
Send requests for pending payments to attendees before a set date or manually triggered.
Include a custom email communication message on confirmation receipts and reminder emails.
Configure the account or a specific event to use English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, or Dutch to send all attendee emails and translate all customer facing labels into that language.

Used in over 20 countries by thousands of happy customers.

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We LOVE Corsizio! It is the BEST training registration site there is for our faculty training needs at the University of Colorado Denver.

Amy A. — Academic Professional Capterra review

Corsizio has allowed us to become a consistently unique and influential entity in our area, and we truly thank you.

Aaron E. — Illustrator / Sculptor Direct feedback

Unbelievably high-quality registration system perfectly suited for higher ed events.

Mike D. — Assistant Director Capterra review

Best pay-as-you-go registration software I have come across.

Chakra W. — Proprietor Capterra review

Great service with excellent support. Simple, affordable, customizable, best customer service.

Ilian I. — Health & Fitness Manager Capterra review

Excellent. I could not be more happy than I am with the quality of service and features of Corsizio.

J.S. — Therapist / Educator Capterra review

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