Online registrations and payments for events and group classes

All features for all usersEconomical pay-per-use pricingSelf-serve web platform

Manage an unlimited number of events organized within custom filters and view stats in real time about your attendees and revenue generated.

Optimized registration forms with custom fields, online card payments, offline payments, deposits, add-ons, multi-price categories, taxes, early-bird pricing, volume discounts, and discount promo coupon codes.

Corsizio creates an auto-generated portal site for your account, along with an option for a co-branded web address, and it provides links and embed codes for you to use on your existing website or to promote on social media networks.

Add multiple instructors and manage your attendees with the ability to collect feedback, track activity notes, issue refunds, add manual payments, transfer to another event, enable waiting list, and export registration data.

Payment and refund receipts, reminders, and notifications are automatically emailed to attendees and instructors to keep them informed. Each attendee gets a private and passwordless self-serve page to view and cancel their registrations.

Summary of Key Features

Some of the key features we know you'll love about Corsizio.

Simple and beautiful registration forms with custom fields as a single-step flow.
Online card payments are directly deposited into your bank account using Stripe.
Easily enable waiting list, collect feedback, and grant completion certificates.
Full security with 256-bit SSL encryption on all pages, data, and payment processing.
Optimized for all modern devices — desktops, tablets, and mobile phones.
Set early-bird pricing, offer discounts, issue refunds, and collect taxes.
Auto-generated events public portal and registration pages with a co-branded web address.
Attendees can use your events public portal page to lookup listings by many filters.
Embed buttons and other registration widgets on any existing website.
Single or multi-user access along with managing multiple instructors.
Notifications are sent to attendees and instructors to keep them informed.
Manage attendees, track with activity notes, and export registration data.
Brand each listing with a custom cover photo and an overlay video.
Reports and stats related to registrations, attendees, and payments.
Integrate with Google Analytics, MailChimp, and Zapier for 3,000+ apps.

Corsizio provides instructors, facilitators, trainers, and experts with a powerful platform to accept online registrations and payments for their events.

Quick Answers

Here are a few things you may want to know.
Read all FAQs or visit our Help Site.

 Who is Corsizio for?

Corsizio is built to facilitate online registrations, payments, and feedback for physical and virtual group events or classes, which are neither at the event-centric or attendee-centric end of the spectrum.

  • Corsizio is INTENDED for a wide variety of events, classes, courses, lessons, workshops, seminars, training sessions, activities, and similar physical and virtual events from any industry that publishes their events publicly and desires quick and easy online registrations.
  • Corsizio is NOT intended for events that require event-centric features, such as large conferences and concerts, which rely on shopping cart features without the need for any attendee data.
  • Corsizio is NOT intended for events that require attendee-centric features, such as school programs, which provide private events where attendees need to have their own accounts to view and register for the events and manage their own info, recurring payments, and schedules.

Below are examples of individuals and businesses that would benefit from using Corsizio:

  • Corporate, public, and private internal training workshops and group sessions
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) camps and schools
  • Tech and software professionals providing training, seminars, and small conferences
  • Emergency and medical services providing training and certification programs
  • Language teachers providing group lessons and courses
  • Real estate schools and experts providing workshops and certification programs
  • Firearm safety and security companies providing training and certification programs
  • Teacher training institutes providing workshops and certification programs
  • Health, wellness, and fitness teachers providing group classes and events
  • Art teachers or studios providing classes and workshops
  • Yoga teachers providing group classes and workshops
  • Dance teachers or studios providing group lessons and programs
  • Music teachers providing group classes and courses
  • Outdoor activity organizers providing group tours, camps, and excursions
  • Any educator that needs online registrations, payments, attendee management, and feedback for their events

Learn more about the intended use for Corsizio and how it differs from other systems.

 Why should I use Corsizio for my events?

Here at Corsizio, we strive to provide all of our customers with the right tools and functionality to enable them to succeed in collecting online registrations, payments, and feedback for all of their educational events, including the following:

  • We have the most competitive and optimized pricing in the industry with free usage and pay-per-use options.
  • You get to manage your events and attendees efficiently within a modern, easy-to-use, secure, and scalable platform.
  • Users get access to all features on Corsizio without any monthly subscription plans, which translates to outstanding overall value.
  • Our email customer support is available to all of our customers, regardless of their usage volume.

There are hundreds of event registration and payment services online today, and each one differs in the type of events it is best suited for and the kinds of features that it provides.

Therefore, to help you decide if Corsizio is the right solution for your event needs, please read the intended use for Corsizio to learn how it differs from other event registration software services.

 How is Corsizio different from other online registration and payment services?

At Corsizio we firmly believe that the best results come from using the right tool for the right job. There are many online registration and payment services available to you today, but they do not all operate in the same way or offer the same features, value, pricing, or user experience and satisfaction. There are also different services for different types of events. For example, concerts and festivals require a different event registration and payment approach than courses and classes. The former events benefit from a ticketing service provider, which Corsizio is not. We specialize in educational events, which necessitate a certain degree of attendee data and record keeping. On Corsizio, everything revolves around your events, and your attendees do not create their own accounts or manage their own events.

Corsizio uses leading-edge technology and provides a modern, attractive, easy-to-use service and user interface. It is an ultra-quick and responsive service, which also uses real-time technology for instant updates when new registrations or payments come in. Some similar services have been around for many years and in turn, use outdated technology, have a cumbersome user interface, or are simply complicated to use and require timely technical support. We also have the most competitive and optimized pricing in the industry with free low-volume usage and pay-per-use pricing.

Finally, Corsizio does not require you to have a traditional business merchant account with a bank. It uses Stripe to enable you to accept payments directly into any personal or business account. Also, unlike other services, Corsizio does not hold your money in an escrow account or until the event is over. You receive your funds right after the transactions have been processed on a 2 to 7-day rolling basis depending on your country and set preferences.

Learn more about the intended use for Corsizio and how it differs from other systems.

 Can I get a demo of the platform?

Corsizio is focused on online registrations and payments for physical and virtual group events, classes, courses, and workshops. It operates as a self-serve platform with no traditional software demos, installations, or training. We provide all of our users with:

  • Sample data in each new account, which you can experiment with and experience the platform and its functionality
  • An extensive help docs library, which includes screenshots to provide you with previews of the interface
  • Email support

If you need an efficient solution to accept and manage online registrations and payments for group classes, and in a very cost effective way, then try out Corsizio and use the sample data within the account to see if the platform is a good fit for you. You can create events and test out the registration process to evaluate the service fully. It is easy to create an event, link to its public details page or embed its details card on your website, accept registrations and payments with automated email confirmation receipts, and view and manage all attendee registrations in one place.

It is free to create an account and explore all of its features. Everyone gets access to all the features on the platform, and low-volume usage is always free. We provide you with full ability to delete your account entirely at anytime too. There are no monthly pricing plans to subscribe to or any commitments or obligations.

Below are some helpful initial resources to see if Corsizio is a good fit for your needs:

 What if I have other questions or need help getting started?

Please visit our help documentation site for detailed help docs on many topics and to learn how to optimize your use of the many features within Corsizio.

We are also here to answer any other questions you may have. You can contact us at this address with your questions or feedback regarding Corsizio. Our email support operates during business hours in Eastern Standard Time. We do not provide any phone support. Learn how to get help and support.

Used in over 20 countries by thousands of happy customers.

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We LOVE Corsizio! It is the BEST training registration site there is for our faculty training needs at the University of Colorado Denver.

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Unbelievably high-quality registration system perfectly suited for higher ed events.

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Great service with excellent support. Simple, affordable, customizable, best customer service.

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Excellent. I could not be more happy than I am with the quality of service and features of Corsizio.

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